Sunday, March 14, 2010

Theology by Aubrey

A few conversations with Aubrey over the last few months.

On the way home from church it was just Aubrey & I. She asked (again) if the sun was God. I told her God made the sun, but the sun wasn't God. "Where is God?" she asks. I tell her that God is way up high - higher than the sun. "Higher than the clouds?" she asks. Yep. "Where is He?". I tell her that God is in heaven. "GOD DIED!?!?!?!
Try to explain that to a 4 year old. But I assured her that God didn't die, but He has always been in heaven. "He is in heaven with the bad guys?" um, no...the bad guys aren't in heaven. hm...people who have asked Jesus into their hearts go to heaven when they die. "I DON'T WANT PAPA IN HEAVEN! That would make me sad! I would miss him!" Pause as mommy tried to think of an answer. "Let's just give him some medicine to make him better." (Papa was sick with a cold.)

aubrey: "mommy, jesus died for us."
mommy: "that's right. why did jesus die?"
aubrey: "cause he loves us."
mommy: "jesus does love us. why did he have to die?"
aubrey: "cause God loves us."
mommy: "God does love us. but why did Jesus die?"
aubrey: "mommy, it's ok. he is all better now."

bre: "we learned about God is a king tonight at Cubbies."
mommy: "that's right."
bre: "yep. God is a king and Maid Marian is going to be his wife".