Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blessings Unlimited book show

I'm not usually a "book show" person. I do occasionally order some Pampered Chef though. :D However, I saw these products a few months ago and LOVE them. This company is owned by Dayspring (Christian greeting cards). They offer products for your home and person (jewelry) that carry reminders of God's Word and / or His truths. A wonderful way to practice Deut 11.18-20 in our homes.

I'm ordering some Christmas gifts, and I think Matt will be ordering some gifts for me as well (I'll have to let him know. hehe :D )

Anyway if you are interested in ordering or hosting your own show, let me know. I will be closing my show on 11/13. Below are some details and the link to the catalog. TOTALLY no pressure. I don't have to reach any minimum or anything - I just like the products so much that I thought I would share. I hadn't heard of the company before my friend (high school friend that is now a youth pastor's wife in Florida) posted that she was starting with them.

* November special is ability to buy the following Happy Birthday to the King items (p. 70-71) at discounted prices. You are eligible for the special with a $40 purchase.
* Platter - $14
* Set of 2 mugs - $10,
* Set of 3 ornaments - $12, or
* All 3 above - $26
* Fall items are in the front of the catalog. Christmas items (I LOVE THEM - the names of jesus in the Christmas tree is probably my favorite) are in the back.
* Shipping is very reasonable and my consultant says we are welcome to combine orders. (only one of the special purchase items per order tho).
* Items ship to me but can be shipped directly to you for $5.
* The Blessed By His Grace and Lazy Susan are backordered until mid to late December. They can still be ordered and will ship separately from initial order.

A few of my favorite items:
Names of the Savior Sign - p67
The Light of the World, Set of Three Ornaments - p66 you have to read the messages on the back.
Guard Your Heart Necklace - p16
Passages Wall Clock - p27
Blessed By the Grace of God Wall Decor - p39
Door Knocker - p41
The Lord Is Good Pillow Cover - p42
...ok, i'll stop now. :D

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